Monday, April 25, 2011

A lot has happened since last Thursday.. In the morning I went outside to burn the trash and I hurt my good knee.My right one.(Left knee I have had 2 knee replacements) On the outside of my right knee I got this huge bulging bump...It hurt instantly .. I came back in the house and put ice on it right away.. I could not straighten out my knee.. Oh my goodness, Tracie wanted me to come over because she had strep throat and needed help.. So I took my ice pack and went to her house. I made us lunch and we both settled on her couch to play the Wii game of Super Mario.. We conquered 2 castles and got through 2 levels.. We were very happy We were starting on another level and I called Dave to see if he could fix himself some supper.. He said "Sure".. I was happy. It was now 5:30 and I decided to pause the game and fix us supper. Tracie took a short nap.. We had our supper and at 6:30 we were back to the game.. Ya-Hoo..we gained another level and at 8 p.m. I decided I better go home.. I love playing that game.. Tracie went to bed and was feeling a little better.. Poor girl she is really sick.. I decided I best go to the Doctor on Friday and see what was the matter with this knee. We are going to Sweden May 6th and it has to get a whole lot better before we go or it's not going to be good.
Friday I called my Dr. and had an appointment at 10.. I decided to go to my Chiropractor. He examined my knee and said that he wasn't sure if it was a pulled muscle or a torn ligament. So he said since it was Friday to go home and keep ice on it and stay off my knee and keep it elevated. He put my hips back in place and the middle of my back.. It felt good. but knee was still in great pain.. Soo all week=end I kept myself in my recliner with my knee elevated and iced.. By Sunday evening I could straighten my leg and the pain was not too bad.. Outside of my knee it has a purple bruise and the swelling is way down.. It was 16 inches around the knee when I measured it on Thursday and it was 13 inches by Sunday evening.. This morning when I went back to the chiropractor he asked me how my knee was and I told him.. He examined my knee again and put my back in place and said he thought I had just pulled a muscle.. But to take it easy today and keep it elevated and iced.. So that is what I did.. I can straighten my knee now and the pain is really not too bad compared to what it was on Thursday. I think I will survive. Before I left the house this morning I gathered all the pennies that Dave and I had stored in quart jars.. I decided to take them to the bank.. DO you know that one quart jar filled with pennies is about $9... I went into the bank and got a cart..They were way too heavy to carry. I took the pennies to the one of the bank tellers and she put all my pennies in a counting machine.. When it was all finished with it's counting she came and told me I had $ pennies.. Well, that was great~! So glad I pick up every penny I see whenever I'm out and about.. and put all the pennies I have in the jar . I was surprised it came to that amount but was so glad..
This afternoon I went up to Central City and picked up Ben.. He was so excited when he saw me.. HE was eating some apples with peanut butter and a glass of milk.. His teacher said he had a really good day..and he had a 2 hour nap.. He wanted to go to my friends house (Holly) and play on the trampoline.. Holly has a boy age 12 that Ben just adores.. Nathan's birthday is the same day as Ben's . So I got to talk with Holly while Ben and Nathan went outside and jumped on the trampoline. IT was time to go and Ben and I went back to my house. I fixed supper and Ben ate a huge dinner. He must of been hungry.. At 5:30 we went to Tracie's house and she was just leaving to go to school.. Quick goodbyes and Ben and I went inside.. Of course we turned on the Wii game and played Mario racetrack game.. He loves that game.. Of course I'm not as fast as Ben is and I always lose. He love it~! I had him pause the game and we worked on coloring and drawing letters.. HE can almost spell his name.. He helped me put laundry into the washer machine and then we got the dishes done and kitchen cleaned up. We played until 8 p.m. He got into his pajama's and I read him 4 of his favorite books.. He loves it when I read to him and I just love it because he sits on my lap and snuggles up to me.. By 8:45 he was in bed and falling to sleep. Tracie got home at 9:30 and we talked for a bit and I came home.. Of course I have my leg elevated and icing it again... I have hardly any pain now and all the swelling is gone. That is good. It's 11 p.m. now and I better get to bed..
Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! Ta Ta For Now..from Iowa...:)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I am so glad your knee seems to be healing. That sounds terribly painful!

rex22lbs said...

Glad to hear the knee is on the mend. Keep having fun with Bennie!