Friday, April 15, 2011


This morning it's so cold and windy ~! 40 degrees and the wind is just blowing away.. The birds are having a hard time landing on the birdfeeders. Have been watching the Eagle in Decorah, Iowa.. There is a web cam someone has there and you can watch the eagle 24/7 with her 3 baby eaglets.. They are so cute... The wind is so strong today ~you can actually see the tree swaying ... Kind of eery.. Just type in your browser: eagle cam Decorah Iowa.. Have been so busy organizing the Women's Retreat that my friend ,Holly and I are getting ready to have this week-end.. We have it at this wonderful campfire boy/girls camp called Hiataga... Went up yesterday and got the lodge all set up with the tables and decorations.. It looked so nice when we left.. Today we are going up at noon to get the rest of our things laid out and set up so we will be ready for the girls to come this afternoon at 5:30.. We have wonderful things planned for these ladies that are coming . I'm quite excited~!. Our theme this year is "From Ashes to Beauty"... Isaiah 61:1-3. Yesterday a gal from our church, Chris Brown came to help us set up.. What a wonderful girl.. We had such a great time decorating and getting things ready.. Usually Holly and I do this all by ourselves SO it was so nice to get help. Plus Holly's two children Nathan age 12 and Caryn age 10 was there to help us.. Extra arms we so wonderful in getting things done. Computer is still in the shop and I now have this laptop that I got from my daughter, Jodie.. I have had it for quite a few years but thought it was too old to set up for the Internet . The other day I got it out , called my Internet server and they walked me through this computer on how to set it up to be able to get on the computer.. Ta Da~! it's working.. The battery underneath gets very hot so I got a cold pack from the freezer and laid it underneath where the battery is located and it's keeping things cool... Cory, Ben's dad called me this morning and said Ben had the flu last night.. Throwing up and diarrhea. I told Cory this was his first time ever in having the flu.. He said Ben last night was scared when he threw up.. I bet he was.. Poor thing.. His other Gramma , Joann came today to take care of him.. Thank God for Grammas.. He said this morning he was feeling a little better.. He will be with Cory until Sunday evening and then comes back to Tracie's house.. Ben's mama.. Ben is talking more and more everyday and now he says WHY after everything you tell him. and there is no satisfying answer.. he alwasy come back with WHY>>> Yikes.. Read the book Broken and that was a wonderful book.. I would rate this book in my list of top #10 books I have read.. It was that good. It was written by Laura Hillenbrand. She wrote the book Sea Biscuit.. I'm now reading a book called "From A name to A number. " written by Alter Wiener- A Holocaust survivor's autobiography... It's a really good book. Reading my devotion this morning it was talking about our Spiritual Growth.. Sometimes we have personal problems and thinking "I can overcome this I'll be okay. The good news is by God's grace you can overcome it... When you've overcome a personal problem another one is waiting to take it's place. One is always going to be working on something. Spiritual growth is a work in progress.. And it doesn't come through human effort, self-condemnation, or the white -knuckling works of the flesh.. IT comes as a result of spending time in prayer and having your mind renewed daily by His Word. As you agree with God, believing what He says is true,,change automatically happens.. One starts to think differently, talk differently and act differently.. Be patient with yourself; its a process that develops in stages.. Would you think there was something wrong with your child because thy couldn't walk perfectly on the first few tries? No, you're delighted each time they take a step. Whey they fall you pick them up. When they mess up, you clean them up and encourage them to try again.. You never stop working with them. And God does the same with us.. He's not angry because we haven't arrived.. He's pleased that were pressing on, endeavoring to stay on the path. It's God's job to "cause us to be governed by the Holy Spirit".. 2 Cor. 3:8. If you could do it by yourself you wouldn't need Him. So instead of driving yourself harder and harder , start leaning on God more and more and you'll go from strength to strength. Ps. 84:7 Have a great day.. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind... Romans 12:2 Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! Ta Ta For Now...from Iowa:)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Poor Ben. I can't believe he went so long without a stomach virus though! lucky kid! Hope he feels better soon.

Matt Ray said...

Have a great time at the women's retreat. I'm glad you ladies get a chance to recharge together.

Also, thanks for the Romans 12:2 reference. I love that verse.

rex22lbs said...

Glad your back on-line. Poor Bennie, I hope he starts to feel better. Have a great weekend with the women's retreat.