Thursday, April 28, 2011

The grass is green as it is in Ireland~ Emerald~!

IT's another cloudy day with rain coming this afternoon. As I look out my window here I see the grass is a lushes green because we have had mega big time rain. My rain gauge says 2 inches . Need to empty it to see what we get this afternoon. Reminds me of the green of Ireland when we visited there a few years ago. I have never seen such a green ~ so bright.. that is why Ireland is called "Emerald Island". That has to be my favorite country to visit..
This morning I watched the ravaged countryside of Alabama, Ga. Va. The damage that a tornado does is just unbeilivable. I feel bad for those people.. No basements to hide in ~ just a bathtub or a closet.. I think if it was my house there and when I rebuilt ~ in one corner I would build me a shelter to go to in case of another tornado busting through my city again. I look around my house and look at what I have in each room.. WOW ~ that would be a lot of stuff blowing in the air...I think my prize possesions would be the photos of my family. and my purse.. It has too much information in there to lose. In years past we have had tornadoes passing near our house to the point we ran for the basement. It would be a hard thing to accept to see ones house gone . But I would have God to get me through the loss and then you have no choice ~ you start over and pray for God's strength.
Yesterday I had Ben with me for awhile.. We played the WII game with Mario carts.. Race car game. He just loves it and of course he always wins.. I don't know how he keeps his car on the track and miss all the obstacles that pop up on the track that one has to drive around. After lunch we took a nap and then he wanted to go to Holly's house.. She has a boy named Nathan age 12 and Ben just loves to be around.. So I called her and she said "Come on over". They were going to watch the movie "UP" ... I popped some popcorn and off we went.. We all got comfortable and we watched the movie.. Oh my, this was such a loving and funny movie.. Ben sat there the whole time on my lap and it was so cute. He would laugh and then when a tender moment came he would say "Awwwww".. If you want to see a wonderful movie take a look at this one.. Up is a good clean movie and had a great story of showing love, compassion and adventure.. Whoever wrote this book had to of had a keen imagination.. It was great~!
After the movie I had to go to town and get gas ($3,83 a gallon) I picked up Dave to go with us and we stopped at the Dairy Queen.. Ben wanted a vanilla cone... I got a mini blizzard and a small one for Dave. He said "We need to get one for Mommy".. So we did.. We dropped off the blizzard to his mom . She was getting ready to go to school. She gave him a little kids golf set , he was so excited.. He designated to us which club we could use and we played a little golf in the yard... He loved it~! We took him to his Dad's house because it was Cory's turn to have Ben for awhile.. Of course the golf clubs came out and he had us all playing golf at his dad's house.. Such fun... Kisses and Hugs given to Dave and I and we left him with Cory. He was talking up a storm to Cory "O.K. dad it's your turn">.. cute...~!
Dave and I had supper and I went up to my bedroom to read my book. There is nothing on TV anymore that is worth watching anymore. Except for Fox news and Amazing Race.. Of course tomorrow I will be watchin the wedding in England.. Ben had his Dad call me when he was getting ready for bed.. he said "Night GranAnnie, I love you"... Now how sweet was that ~!
Dave and I are getting ready to go to town and get a few things for our trip next week.. Going to Sweden to the World's Ploughing Matches.. My knee is mega big time better and doesn't hurt anymore.. Yeah~! Have a Tiggeriffic Day~!~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Tracy said...

Gosh, it sounds like you've had some memorable times; good for you! Doesn't having a kid around put life in perspective for you?

I think the tornadoes are tragic; such scary stuff!I would miss my photos as well...

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

We got clobbered by the storms this morning--We were lucky, but keep those in my prayers that were not.

I hope your day has been an enjoyable one!!!

Tracy said...

T-I had to stop back and respond to your comment on my blog...thanks so much for your kind words and I am so glad you get a lot out of my words; I enjoy writing what is in my heart.
I am so sorry your DIL died of cancer; how very sad for your family. I do hope you visit Jack's site; he's such a joy!
hugs to you and thanks...I agree, God does answer prayers!

rex22lbs said...

Glad Bennie is keeping you busy. Golf clubs would be right up Grampa's alley. Bennie sure keeps you guys moving and laughing.