Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Apples and Oranges

This morning I put out new oranges and apples. The ones I put out yesterday morning are gone~! The red bellied woodpeckers just love the fresh fruit. Good thing I have a lot of apples and oranges to keep them supplied. I also noticed the downy woodpeckers, the black capped chickadees and of course the robins all found the fruit. It's quite a gathering of birds in my garden.
Today I'm going to move the bird bath. The feeders are right outside my big window in the living room. That way I will be able to see them better up close taking their baths. They sure do use it a lot to wash up everyday.
The beautiful spring songs are getting more stronger everyday.. The Cardinal's and the Orioles are trying to oudo each other in their songs. The poor females should be overwhelmed by all this attention that is given to them this time of year. The grass is getting greener and the temperature's this week being in the 50's should bring out the worms and the bugs.
Those dog gone asian beetles are everywhere in the house now. They are flourishing with the warm weather. Coming out of the woodwork. I wouldn't care so much, but they leave a bright yellow spot on everything. Get out the dust buster~!~! v-v-v-r-r-r-oommmmm~!

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