Friday, March 18, 2005


The birds are all busy with their musical singing. The males are trying to outdo each other with their body lanuage and their singing. Mr. Cardinal is yelping how pertty he is,, he sings "Perty=Perty=Perty"
Cleaned out the bluebird houses and they were filled with sparrow nests. Lots of pretty feathers~bluejay, pheasants, goldfinches, mourning doves. Sorry sparrow's your not nesting this spring. The bluebirds are here and they are going to have first chance.
I love the spring songs that the birds sing. The geese are back on the pond and they are squaking and honking when another bird comes near their water. Very territorial.
Starlings have learned to hang upside down to get at the suet. They must of lifted weights this year while they were wintering in the south. Usually they can't hang upside down, but this year they are deligent in getting that good home-made suet.
They could of stayed in Florida, that would not of hurt my feelings. The red-wing blackbirds loved it while they were in South Carolina, don't know why they didn't stay. They like to sit on my bluebird houses and not let them make a nest. Do they think they are in the army with those stripes on their wings? I call them sargent birds. They are very bossy ~!
The bird bath is busy with all kinds of activity. It needs refilling every day. Splash, Splash, Splash.

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