Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nice Sunny Day In Iowa~! Happy Valentine's Day~!

Today was a sunny cold day here in Iowa. Happy Valentine's Day...
Was at school today and had lunch with Ben.. afterwards I went outside with him and he was playing on the slide.. He had me take lots of pictures but I won't bore you with them all... He loves to play outside and he loves the thrill of the slide.. 

After lunch Ben went back to his Kindergarden class and I went to the 2nd grade classroom where I volunteer twice a week.  It was party day and you sure could tell it throughout the school.  Lots of sugar being digested and lots of squirrley kids.. It was a fun day~!  
      I was kept busy with putting up their pictures in the hallway that they had drawn of Abraham Lincoln and stories they had written about him...Some of these kids did a really great job of drawing Abe..  
    No school tomorrow as teachers have a inservice day... The kids were excited about that...I told Mrs. Wittenburg if she had anything for me to help her with tomorrow to call me.  There is always lots to do in her classroom and I really enjoy helping her.  
     This afternoon it snowed..about an inch.. It was so beautiful watching it come down.. Almost all of our past snow had melted and it was nice to see new snow.. Yes, I love snow.. One thing nice about Spring snow is that it gives your grass a free nitrogen treatment.. It doesn't last long because the temperatures always gets in the 40's the next day and it melts. 
We are over the hump of winter...Spring is on the way.. I can tell because some of the birds are starting to sing their mating more squawking like they do all winter.  Won't be long and we will have the warm sun on our faces and we can take off all the winter coats, hats , mittens and boots  and trade them in for a light jacket.. Oh , that sounds so good..
         Ben is spending the week=end with his Dad and tonight he is with his other Grandmother.. JoGram... She is going to take him bowling tomorrow.. He loves to bowl.. She is on a league on Friday's and afterwards she lets him bowl.. What fun for Ben~!
          Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day~!  Have a tiggeriffic week-end... ta ta for now from Iowa:)


JDaniel4's Mom said...

It was so wonderful to see your comment. I have stopped by and found you on a blogging break a few weeks ago.

How exciting to have snow! We are still waiting to get some.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I'm glad he didn't fall headfirst into that big puddle below the slide!

Good to see you and get an update :-)

JSpeas said...

Glad to hear spring is right around the corner. Looks like Ben had a great Valentine's Day.