Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mia is all dressed up in her dress~!

 Mia is the most cutest toy poodle.. She barks a lot and when Mia's owner, Holly puts a dress on her she quits barking and is so relaxed. We were in Holly's music room and playing the piano and a friend of ours was playing the guitar.. Mia climbed into the guitar case and was taking a little nap..  She is such a cute and funny dog~!  
Ben really likes this dog and Mia always climbs into his lap and just loves on him as Ben loves on Mia.. 

Today the weather man is promising our area of Iowa 5 to 8 inches of snow.  Well, I'm ready.. Made a big pot of soup .
Put hot water into my stainless steel pitcher so in case the electric goes off I can have a cup of hot tea... I went outside and filled all the bird feeders and put water in the bird bath.. The birds right now are gulping down the food and drinking lots of water.. They are getting ready for the big storm.. just like me. 
I love snow , especially when it's going to be 5 inches or more.. I like to walk down the path of our pasture while it's snowing.. Everything is so quiet and the snow just covers everything.  I'll wait until it's almost dark to do this , then I can see the rabbits running and birds settling down in the trees. We have 30 pheasants and maybe I'll get a peek at them. at least I can hear the male pheasants making loud noises that they warn  his group of girls that follow him,  that they need to go for cover.. Human's are coming.  Nature is so fun to watch ~!
      Went to the Christian Book Store yesterday and got a Louie Giglio DVD called Symphony "I Lift My Hands"... I watched it this morning and was so glad I did.. What a way to start a morning, listening to Louie and getting a gift from God.. What a wonderful inspiring video.. This video was on the bargain table for $5.. I'm so glad I picked it up.. my favorite Louie Giglio DVD is called " How Great Is Our God".. If you haven't seen this one ~ please get a copy and get ready to see where we fit in God's amazing Planet.. It's spectactular~!  
While I was there I got another book mark for Ben.. He asked me to get one like the one we got when we bought his bible last month.. It's a picture of Jesus.. He wants to tape it to his desk at school so he can have Jesus with him school. We read about John the Baptist baptising Jesus.. He now wants to be baptised just like Jesus.. How precious is that.. God is good..
His Mom and I have been reading Ben the Bible and Ben just loves it and is not happy with reading one chapter at a time.. He wants to be read 3 or 4 chapters a night..So glad we are doing this as Ben is gaining faith in God rapidly.. We pray a lot and he is so precious when he is praying.. The other day he told God he was sorry his son died.. I thought that was so sweet..  
      The TV is showing closing on the bottom of the screen and I suppose later there will be postings of school closings for tomorrow.   I'm ready to sit and watch the snow come down..look out my window and watch the birds come to the feeders.. The cardinals are so bright red next to the snow..
Have a tiggeriffic day~!  ta ta for now from Iowa:)



JSpeas said...

Glad to hear the birds are being taken care of. They are so much fun to watch!

Carolina Trekker said...

What a sweet picture of Mia asleep in her prom dress. Put this on facebook...they will love seeing her!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a cutie!