Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ben having fun with Grandpa Dee Dee

Dave came over to Ben's house and Ben decided it would be fun to try and wrestle Grandpa Dee Dee.. He was trying to knock him over... Such fun these boys had laughing. I had fun watching Dave trying to stay upright.. Ben ~age 6 weighing in at 50 pounds is quite a load on one's shoulders and his determination to try and get Dave to fall over was tenacious.  It ended well and Dave always carries a miniature candy bar in his left pocket and they both sat and had a treat... 
       Yesterday, I picked up Ben from his after school sitter, Donna.. HE was so excited.. He had a good day at school plus he was so  excited to see me.. He had been with his other grandma , JoGram for 6 days and he was happy to be with me and his mom now.. Last night we sat down with the reading books the school is having him read and I am always surprised to listen to him read so fast.. I should record it someday.. In Kindergarten
these children are required to know so much at a early age.. They are doing what I did in 1st grade..  He has Math mastered so no after school practice with him.. He is so much fun to be with..Wish I could of been this close with my other grandchildren..  
       WOW~! it's a brrrry windy cold day outside with the promise of a snow storm this afternoon.. The wildbirds are devouring the bird feeders..I only have 3 quail now, which is so sad.. I used to have 17.. These 3 quail are at the platform feeder just eating away and trying to master the wind blowing on them so strong.. at least I have one male out of the 3 and maybe this Spring I'll see their off spring eating at my feeder.. Hope so..
      Going to Springville School here in a little bit to help with the 2nd graders.. Mrs. Wittenburg said not to come until after 10.. They are doing testing all week .. She encouraged them to get plenty of rest each night and eat a good breakfast..  I'm going to take some orange cuties to them , I have them all peeled and ready to hand them out.. They all love cuties..
       Have a great Tuesday~!  ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I wish I had a mini candy bar in my pockets!

Great idea for the cuties. :-)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I bet it is wonderful to hear him read.

JSpeas said...

What a great idea to take the cuties. I bet they loved them. Bennie is such a good boy. I'm glad he had a good day. :)

Carolina Trekker said...

You are the most wonderful Grandparents. Ben & his cousins will have fun memories of you both to remember.