Saturday, May 07, 2005

Rhubarb Crisp

Today I made Rhubarb Crisp.. It was soooo good. I took 1/2 of it to the neighbors.. The Starry's. They were so delighted that I brought them dessert. Kim said she bought some vanilla ice cream and they would have that with the Rhubarb.
Conner their son, who is 8 showed me a baby rabbit he found. He said that he was going to take it back to it's nest.. There are 4 other babies there too. They were so sweet. I held it for a minute and it was so little. Isn't Spring just wonderful.. Lots of babies to hold.
Today I put up the hammock out by the Olive Tree. I have a finch feeder hanging really close and it was fun to watch the goldfinches come to feed. They are just about 5 feet from the hammock. My friend Sharlyn called me today and said "Get Ready" the Balitimore Orioles are here. So I put out the grape jelly for them. . The red bellied woodpecker loves the grape jelly. Hope he shares with the orioles.

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Carolina Trekker said...

I want to be a Gnome Statue in your yard and enjoy all the comings and goings,,it's awesome.