Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Hummingbirds are out of breath

The hummingbirds arrived today.. YEAH~! This morning I had one and just before dark I had two.. Hopefully more will come tomorrow and then drop their suitcases in my yard and stay all summer. After that big long flight they looked like they were panting. Ha Ha.. They took a lot of drinks from the two feeders that I have out for them. They were in competition with the Baltimore Orioles, They arrived today and they were hungry too. I made extra food for the feeders tonight. Don't want to run out of food with all this excitement in the yard. The Orioles have two bowls of grape jelly so they won't go hungry.
The red-bellied woodpecker has a mate and they are nesting in the tree right outside the house in the big tree by the driveway. That is where I have 5 feeders. They have been chowing down on the black oil sunflowers and the grape jelly. Didn't know woodpeckers had sweet beaks. They are fun to watch.
Put out a pile of small sticks for the wren.. In one hour they were gone and he was singing in the tree. Tomorrow I'll help him out and gather some more sticks for him.. Oh how much fun I'm having. Thank you God~!~! For the birds. What a blessing it is to sit in the yard and watch all this activity. The only thing missing is my sister Lynn and my brothers Dave and
Leroy.. What a magic moment that would be if they were here~!


Carolina Trekker said...

How many Hummers hanging out for the summer? Do you give them names?

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