Saturday, May 07, 2005

Precious babies

Today while I was mowing the grass down to the creek, I passed by the bluebird nesting boxes. In one was a sparrow and she had 4 babies. They were nestled in a nest with lots of grass, feathers from a pheasant, cardinal,bluejay, a small piece of plastic.It also had rabbit fur. The baby birds were so pink, no feathers. They were bald all over. I picked one up and held it softly in my hand.. It was moving around and opening it's mouth. Mother sparrow was having a fit,, I told her to cool it~! You know it's a myth that if you hold baby birds, the mother will smell your scent and the mother will abandon the baby.. Not true.. Birds can't smell. I carefully put the baby bird back into it's nest, closed the door of the box and then I drove the lawn tractor ahead. I stopped the mower and just sat and watched,, Mother Sparrow was back in the box and checking out her babies.. Pretty soon Father Sparrow brought some bugs for his kids and everyone was happy again. There's just something about food, it helps to soothe the nerves. Bugs is Comfort Food for them. I'll take some Chocolate bugs~!

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