Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Woodpeckers January 19,2005

Good Morning~!
The woodpeckers are busy at the suet feeder this morning. They must be really hungry. This is the second suet cake this week. Feed your birds this winter. It's very important.
Did you know that birds like the gingerbread houses that are made at Christmas time? Put those houses outside on a picnic table or something sturdy and then watch the birds. They will entertain you and they will thank you by eating this sweet treat. Is this another way of recycling?

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Annieptigger said...

well we are all on the same pager i see. good 4 u.
it is so c hilly here this morning that i think i will go to work early. no ac for frank today.

lotsasquirels this morning and i heard the black birds making their wonderful sounds. .. dreampt there were sparrows in my back yard. no such luck.