Friday, January 28, 2005

Cormorants & Amarylis

Did you know? Cormorants soak their plumage to reduce buoyancy before sinking underwater in search of prey. they dive deep down from the surface of the water, propelled by their feet, and emerge to eat their catch. Their vestigial nostrils are permanently closed, and above water they breathe through their mouths. They roost in trees.
Cormorants have all four toes webbed. They use their large feet to keep their eggs warm, because they have no bare brood patch on the abdomen, as most birds do.
The temperature today is 28 and it's a lovely day. Now is a good time to buy a amarylis at your garden center. they are cheap at Wall-Mart. They are so beautiful this time of year to watch grow and the flower is wonderful. Bring some early early sping into your house.


zeldamax yoshi said...

sure.......... how many did u buy???? i think i will buy a few .. i have some planted, and could plant a few more.... nice going on the cormorant.. hope you enjoyed birding babylon.. super stuff just wants to make you shag

Carolina Trekker said...

Watching an Amaryllis grow is great fun,,,thanks for reminding me!! Now let's see,,,White, Red, or,,,,

zeldamax yoshi said...

where is the blue bunny ice cream??