Monday, October 28, 2013

Stephen Curtis Chapman Concert~!

Sunday I went to Stephen Curtis Chapman concert at the Paramont Theater in Cedar Rapids, Iowa..  What an awesome concert.. It was so much fun to set in this theater and be so close to the stage.. Not like sitting in the FIve Seasons Center where you can only afford to set in the nose bleed area..  I really like Stephen Curtis Chapman  and his singing.. He has been making albums for 26 years.. It was fun to sing along to some of his old songs.. and his new songs.  It was a great concert.
    Today is Monday and it's windy outside. 45 outside and sunny.. Today I am going to get out the plastic and cover the porch door to keep out the winter breezes and the snow.. Don't know what I was thinking or the carpenter was thinking when he put in the new windows and a new door. I wish I would of thought it all out and told him that storm door needed a inside door to keep out the blustery windy weather.. So until next spring I'll just put plastic over it and keep out the cold cold weather..
Enjoying the World Series~!  Each game has something to add to it's excitement.. Not boring this year... Last nights game was quite a heart sinker.. The Cardinals having a basemen not on base and not being able to get back on base in time..."Your out~!"  says the umpire and that ended the game.. Hope tonights game ends with the Cardinals winning.. All the beards and bad hair these baseball players have is head shaking ....Just hope it's not contagious for High School kids to do for the spring season in their baseball playing...The peach fuzz will be fun to laugh at... I love baseball especially when it comes to the World Series..and especially when the St. Louis Cards are playing...Go Cards~!  Watching the game with my son-in-law is like watching a volcano go off..spewing anger and words all over~!  when the Cards are not doing well.... Lets hope tonight they play up to speed...and win win win~!
         Just had a Honey Crisp Apple.. I love to cut it up with the skins on ~~sprinkle cinnamon on top ~~put it in the Micro Wave for 5 minutes...Oh it's so good...~!  Wish I had some Greek Yogert  I would of put it on top and eat and say "Yum Yum Yum"  ~!  These apples are very expensive but worth having a few on hand now that's it's fall...When the kids were home I used to make them Apple that is something that is delish with some vanilla ice cream on top...mmmmmm good~!
         Have a great day~!~!  ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Nancy Claeys said...

The apples have been so good this year... I'm just finishing up the last few from my mother-in-law's tree. Yum!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Cedar Rapids...back in the late 1980s I worked for MCI, the long distance telecom company. We had lots of dealings with the Cedar Rapids office.

Snow already? Brrrr. We're still enjoying some fall weather here but the frost is definitely on the pumpkin!

Weekend-Windup said...

Apples are good for health...