Saturday, October 26, 2013

Let it Snow~!

On Tuesday it snowed 2 inches.. What a surprise.. I really liked sitting inside here and watching the snow come down in big flakes.. My Grandma always said Big Flakes not a lot of snow..Little snow means you are going to get a lot of snow.. So for our first snow it was nice and melted all away the next day.

Ben really likes Star War Lego's..He built this one in an evening. He is so smart.. I can't believe how he can put it together and knows what the picture is showing.. Every other Thursday the Marion ,Iowa library has Lego Club.. I take him there with his friend Grant.. Their is 2 huge tubs that they have full of lego's and the kids dump them onto the floor and then off they go picking out the legos they want to make their lego project.. Afterwards the library has a built in bookshelf with glass doors.. The kids take their lego project they built and put it on the shelf and put a name tag in front of what they built.. It stays there for 2 weeks and then it all comes back into the room and is dismantled and then the kids make something else... Ben loves going to Lego Club...  This Thursday I took Ben and Grant right after school..the club lasts from 3 to 5p.m.  They got their project done and displayed and then they went back into the room and helped other kids gather parts for the projects they were working on..I thought that was very nice of them to do that..
        Before we left we went over to the library side and the boys got to pick out one book to check out and take home with them..Ben picked out SkippyjonJones book called SkippyjonJones in the DogHouse.. It even had a CD in the back so you could put it in a CD player and listen to the author Judy Schachner read the book.. How fun is that?  Fantastic.  This pun-filled spoof is over-the-top comedy littered with Spanish words....ay caramba mucho fun~!~! all kids right now read about SkippyjonJones who is a siamese cat but wants to be a chihuahua. Ben and Grant just love to read SkippyjonJones~!~!

It snowed last Tuesday ~2 inches~ It was beautiful~!

This is Wednesday morning.. What a beautiful morning. the sun was out and the leaves on the trees showed up so bright and colorful... Noticed that the Junco bird has arrived in Iowa.. This is the first bird that shows up for winter.. on my bird feeders.. They are so pretty... You know winter is here for sure when you see them..
        Had Ben here on Thurday night and all day Friday..(no School on Friday).. We had such a great time.. We played with his Lego's...then we played games,  Battleship and Parcheesi... He loves to play games...When we play battleship I always move my boats to where he calls first..I tell him  "Are you looking at my board ?"  HE smiles and says "No"  I tell him he must be a good guesser.. This helps his self-esteem...I don't do this with every game but I think every chance I get I well try and build his self-esteem up.. Kids need that..
        His Dad picked him up on Friday afternoon. I hated to see him go....but it was time..He will be with his dad for a week before I get to see him again..He will come back to his Mom's next Friday...It will be a long week.. I just love my grandchildren and any chance I get to be with them I jump to the chance.. Grandchildren are a gift from God..
        Getting the itch to knit.. So guess I'll be making my daughter Jodie and her hubby Mark some slippers.. She said the ones I made last year has holes in the heels and they are needing new ones.. IT's that time of year to get the needles out and start click clacking.....
        Have a great Saturday~~~~ta ta for now from Iowa~!


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

We like skippyjon jones and legos at my house too. Good to see you!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

We have had cold weather, but no snow. What fun it must have been to have an early snow!