Saturday, March 19, 2011

Yeah~! Ben ~ to infinity and beyond~!

Well, I finally fiqured out how to get the picture I had e-mailed to me onto this post.. Yeah~! Here is Ben with his mittens and slippers I made for him.. He is so funny. Buzz Light year is smiling on his shirt so he must really like his new mittens and slippers. Ben slid around the kitchen floor all evening, falling down and slipping.. Tracie and I just laughed and the more we laughed the more he slipped and fell down.. IT was quite comical. He was putting his arms into the air and saying "To Infinity and Beyond"> What a boy.
Got back yesterday from Belmond, Iowa.. The United States Plowing Board Meeting finished and the boys from Pa. Ohio, Illinois, Minn, and South Dakota are all pleased with the site we chose for the National Plowing Matches that will be held Aug. 17-19... The banquet hall was visited and all was happy with the place.. We are going to have the Coulter, Iowa firemen fix the food for us for this banquet and all proceeds will go to them. I thought this was a really good idea.. Support the fire department ~ they do all the work and I get to just show up.. In the past it has been quite a job lining up where to have the banquet and then set up tables, decorations have someone sit at a table and take in the money and then have to make sure everything and everyone gets paid... Each state takes a turn with having the National Plowing Matches.. Last year it was in Pa.. so it's our turn this year.. The hotel has been chosen,,(no big deal for that one-as there is only one hotel in that area) AmericInn.. A really nice one.. The banquet has been taken care of (turned it over to the fire department) yeah~! The plowing site has been chosen in Belmond . It's going to be a success that is if it doesn't rain... So we are ready for August and that's off Dave and mine list.. It was a little chilly for the two days we were in Hampton, Iowa but it was nice.. One of the ladies from Iowa and I visited all the shops and it was really nice.. For a small town they had some really nice stores.. Minnie May was my favorite.. they served sandwiches, ice cream , coffee, tea and pop. These old towns in Iowa are so cool, the court house is in the middle of this town and then there is a square that has all kinds of shops all around the court house with lots of parking. Very nice.. It was good to be home and now this morning we are headed to Altoona, Iowa which is near Des Moines for the annual dinner meeting for the Iowa Plowing Association. It will be fun to see all the plowmen from Iowa and their wives.. the Ivy Methodist church ladies will be providing the meal for us and it's always good..
Especially the homemade pies.. We will have a short meeting to let us know what is going on for the year and the decisions that were made at the National Plowing Board members.
Big day and I will be glad when we get home and settle back into our recliners and just relax for awhile.
Sunny day with being 37 right now. The birds are so busy at the feeders they look like airplanes landing at the feeders..
Have a great day~!~! ta ta for now from Iowa....


texwisgirl said...

You have been such travelers lately. I like the "support the firemen" idea. :)

Home In The Hollow said...

Oh, Annie, it's so good to hear your exuberance again! Minnie May's sound delightful! And Buzz Light Year is growing like a weed!...:)JP

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Pierce and Ben would make quite a pair - Pierce has some Buzz jammies too. I can just imagine the two of them going back and forth I'm Buzz Lightyear! No, I'm Buzz Lightyear!

rex22lbs said...

Bennie is so cute. I love his mittens and slippers. You'll have to make mittens with fingers so he can still play Mario.