Saturday, February 04, 2012

Ben is my favorite person ~!

 Dave left for Dwight, Illinois for the annual U.S.A.Plowing Organizations board meeting on Friday afternoon. Ben and Tracie came over and we played games on my computer. He just loves it~!  He has reached the age of not wanting to look up at the camera and smile.. So one has to get what one can get.  He loves to play Mario games.. they are free and he does quite well with pushing the right letters to get Mario to go forward, jump and maneuver through the course.. 
He told me he was cool with his Mario hat on and his new Mario shirt.. 5 years old and he thinks he is cool.. He told me today I was his favorite person. I told him he was my favorite person too. He is quite a boy~! 
After supper Ben and I went outside and he showed me how he can jump on his new pogo stick that he got for Christmas.  He does quite well. He then ran around the garage ~ around and around .  He had me time him to see how fast he ran. Good thing I have a stop watch.. He can really run fast.
Tomorrow is my birthday. I can't believe it ~! I'm going to be 68 years old.. I sure don't feel this old.. But time marches on whether we want it to or not.. I'm going to my friend's house Holly after church.. She is going to have a Super Bowl Party.. She has a very nice recliner I can sit in to watch the game and visit with everyone.. I have a hard time sitting in a kitchen chair, my knee gets very jumpy and hurts.. Come next Tuesday it well be 6 weeks after my total knee surgery.. I still have a lot of pain especially in the evenings.. Thank goodness I have Loritab for the pain, it sure does help.. Went to Physical Therapy Friday and my PT really gave my knee a work out.. I now have 110 bend and my straightness is at a 6.. She wants me to have 115 plus for a bend and 0 for straightness.. I told her good luck.. It's a lot of work to do all the exercises and be pain free.. I use a lot of ice.. to keep the swelling down and the pain under control.
I go back to see the surgeon on Monday and hopefully he will let me drive a car again.. 
       All is quiet right now, Ben and Tracie are staying the night. I told him we would have waffles in the morning for breakfast. He said "Yum Yum~!~!".  
      Have a Tiggeriffic Day tomorrow ~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Happy birthday! Fingers crossed you get the okay to drive again.

I need to show Pierce those online Mario games. He's very into Mario too and his favorite shirt right now is a Mario shirt. He wanted to buy this Mario cartoon dvd we found at TJ Maxx but didn't have any money, so I told him I would buy it and if he worked for an hour I would give it to him (it cost $5). Well he did such a great job - he cleaned the counters, the table, vacuumed the rug, and picked up his room and made the bed. Mario can be quite motivating!

Changes in the wind said...

Love that little guy...PT is the pits but it really is important so I encourage you to keep doing your will make a difference. Hey Happy are in good company with many of us.

Unknown said...

Mario is hot, Annie! It sounds as if you have as much fun with him as I have with Mia (now 3!!). We spent time together is wonderful!!!!...:)JP

JSpeas said...

Such a silly boy. Glad to hear he came to visit and had fun with Mario!