Saturday, October 15, 2011

Uncle Rich encouraging Ben~!

Uncle Rich was here last week-end and here is more pictures of Ben at Bloomsbury Farm.. He jumped from tire to tire with Uncle Rich encouraging him all the way...Ben jumped from tire to tire not just once but 3 times around..This was a great place to take him.  I thought sure when we got in the car he would go right to sleep~ Nope~! He talked all the way home and told us all about his day.. He had such a great time.. I gave him his bath when we got to my house.. He settled down in my bed and I read 4 books to him and then lights out.. In less than 10 minutes he was asleep.. He decided that he wanted to stay the night at my house so he could see Uncle Rich in the morning.    Rich was here with 2 of his children, Kelly and Emily. Lisa his wonderful wife has one wonderful girl, Sophia..she is 6.  Lisa and Rich were married last Feb. She is a awesome girl and I just love her...
Today was a chilly day with lots of wind.. I made Chili this morning.. It really tasted good for lunch. Worked on my bible study for Monday night.  Cleaned my house and then settled into my recliner and watched football games with Dave.  I'm making a large rug.  It's called Locker Hooking.  It's really turning out nice. It can be vacuumed  and it can be washed but not to put it in the dryer.   I should take a picture and post it tomorrow.  Locker Hooking is so much fun to do and easy.  I got quite a lot done today. Glad that Ohio State won today.  Good game.  They played Illinois.

Here is a picture of Uncle Rich and Aunt Lisa.. The soybeans look so gold with the sun shining on them.. The next day the combine showed up and everyone got to take turns riding in the combine and watching the beans being harvested.. It was a great day~!

Had to turn on the heat today, just enough to take the chill off the house and then I turned it off..  Propane Gas is $1.89 a gallon... Pretty high.   Electric bill came today and I was surprised it was only $53.  With not having to run the air conditioner it's really nice.  It was a sunny day today but lots of wind.. I still went outside and did my 20 minute walk..I feel so much better if I get my walk in everyday..

Time for bed.. This morning I thought it was Sunday.. I called my friend Holly and asked her what page we were on with our Bible Study for church.. She said "Anne it's only Saturday.". How can one lose a day so quickly.
Have a Tiggeriffic Day~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Jeannelle said...

Yes, post a photo of the rug! I always liked the name Anne and gave it to one of my daughters.

Carol Wyer said...

Love the soya bean photo...and the happy tire jumping. i wish I had bounce enough to jump from tire to tire.
Lovely post.
Just dropping by to catch up on my favourite Eeyore fan

rex22lbs said...

Great pictures and post. Bennie sure kept you guys busy - thank goodness Uncle Rich came to give you a reprieve. Took my hummingbird feeder down also this weekend.

A Quiet Corner said...

I'd love to ride on a columbine!!!...:)JP

Laura~peach~ said...

since i am always a day late and a dollar short... it is sunday now :) love bean fields and the smells of harvest... and spring smells of freshupturned earth.... and and and .... HUGSSSSs

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I love it when combines are called columbines. :)